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Living room with hardwood flooring and fireplace

Hardwood Flooring in Alabama


If you’re tired of searching for a hardwood flooring store in Gadsden, AL, or Anniston, AL visit Foote Bros. Carpet One Floor & Home!  Both of our locations carry the best hardwood flooring selections in the region! Hardwood is a classic choice for most homeowners, thanks to its natural beauty and longevity. Whether you choose solid or engineered hardwood, we have the flooring that will cater to your unique style and budget.


Hardwood Flooring Styles in Alabama


Natural wood floors come in a wide array of styles, from extra wide hardwood planks to multi-color wood floors with variations from plank to plank. Additionally, you can choose different shine levels, stains, and textures, along with the hardwood species! Our most popular wood species include:



Solid vs Engineered Hardwood


When faced with the decision between solid and engineered hardwood, the key lies in understanding the specific demands of your space. Here's a closer look at the benefits each type offers, helping you make an informed decision based on your unique requirements.


Solid Hardwood:


Engineered Hardwood:


Optimal Places for Hardwood Flooring Installation


When contemplating the installation of hardwood flooring, understanding the suitable environments is pivotal for long-lasting performance. Explore the recommended spaces for both solid and engineered hardwood options:


Solid Hardwood Areas of Installation:


Engineered Hardwood Areas of Installation:


Pro Tip: For areas prone to moisture or high humidity that may induce warping, explore our waterproof flooring solutions to enhance longevity and resilience!*


How Should I Prepare For My Hardwood Floor Installation?


We offer professional installations and selection for our flooring products! If you’re considering a hardwood installation or refinishing job with us. There are a few things to consider, including:

  1. Prep your installation space: move furniture, remove the existing floor covering, etc.
  2. Determine your desired floor height and how it might affect doors, trims, etc.
  3. Clean out any closets or attached storage areas, e.g., pantries.
  4. We offer two types of hardwood installation—nail down and glue down.


When it comes to our refinishing process, keep the following in mind:


For all installations and refinishing jobs, we recommend the following:


Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation in Alabama


Discover the finest hardwood flooring brands and expert installation services at Foote Bros Carpet One Floor & Home. Serving Anniston, Gadsden, and surrounding areas in Alabama, we take pride in delivering quality flooring solutions. Whether you prefer an in-person showroom visit or an online exploration of our extensive flooring selection, we are here to cater to your needs. Ready to elevate your space with premium hardwood flooring? 

Contact us today or visit our showrooms in Gadsden, AL, and Anniston, AL. Our commitment extends to proudly serving the neighboring communities, ensuring a seamless and satisfying flooring experience.

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