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Hardwood Flooring in Alabama

If you’re tired of searching for hardwood flooring store in Gadsden, AL, or Anniston, AL visit Foote Bros. Carpet One Floor & Home!  Both of our locations carry one of the best hardwood flooring selections in the region! Hardwood is a classic choice for most homeowners, thanks to its natural beauty and longevity. Hardwood requires an up-front investment, but it can be refinished and last for decades to come.


Hardwood Styles


Natural wood floors come in a wide array of styles, from extra wide hardwood planks to multi-color wood floors with variations from plank to plank. Additionally, you can choose different shine levels, stains, and textures, along with the hardwood species!


Our most popular wood species include:


Some of our popular hardwood flooring brands include:


Solid vs Engineered Hardwood: Which One Should I Choose?


We get this question often, and many of our customers are surprised to learn just how similar (and unique) each type of hardwood is. Consider the space you wish to install your flooring: will there be high humidity or moisture? Will your hardwood flooring need to sustain heavy foot traffic, pets, and kids? If so, here’s a closer look at the benefits of both solid and engineered hardwood for your space.




Solid hardwood is, just as its name describes, one solid piece of premium wood from top to bottom. The thickness of the plank can vary, which helps to determine durability. Solid hardwood performs best when installed above or on grade, and can even be sanded and refinished.




Engineered hardwood floors are made of multiple layers of composite wood with the grains running in different directions. This allows the planks to resist expanding and contracting during humidity changes, which can cause the wood to warp. Engineered planks can also be refinished to extend their life in your home.


Where Can My Hardwood Flooring Be Installed?


Hardwood is recommended for home settings without significant foot traffic and moisture. Here’s a closer look at the areas our hardwood flooring can be installed in.


Solid hardwood can be installed in:


Engineered hardwood can be installed in:


Did you know? For those areas that may cause warping due to moisture or high humidity, we also offer waterproof flooring!


FAQ: How Should I Prep For Hardwood Installation?


We offer professional installations and select for our flooring products! If you’re considering a hardwood installation or refinishing job with us.


There are a few things to consider, including:


  1. Prep your installation space: move furniture, remove the existing floor covering, etc.
  2. Determine your desired floor height and how it might affect doors, trims, etc.
  3. Clean out any closets or attached storage areas, e.g., pantries.
  4. We offer two types of hardwood installation—nail down and glue down.

When it comes to our refinishing process, keep the following in mind:


  1. We offer both refinishing for both existing hardwood flooring and new construction!
  2. We will sand and remove any existing finish on your flooring. This will usually be done with three grit levels of sandpaper.
  3. We will then apply a new coat of the desired stain.

Finally, we will apply a polyurethane finish. This can be satin, semi-gloss, or gloss sheen.


For all installations and refinishing jobs, we recommend the following:


  1. Generally, it is best if the customer vacates the home during the process. However, this is not the case with installations or refinishing jobs localized in one area or room.
  2. These projects are often labor-intensive! They require the operation of special equipment that can generate a lot of noise and wood dust.
  3. We recommend no foot traffic in the space during the process.

Our Hardwood Flooring Selection


Since we're part of the Carpet One cooperative, we have exclusive brands such as Rustic River™, Invincible™ Hardwood, and Voyager™. We proudly provide top hardwood flooring brands and installation services to Anniston, Gadsden, and surrounding areas in Alabama. Ir you’re ready to invest in your hardwood flooring, visit one of our showrooms or browse online flooring selection today!



Learn More About Hardwood

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Caring for Hardwood Floors

Keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful

year after year!Follow these care tips from the

flooring pros.